How It Works?

Step 1:

Submit Your Application

Submit your application to with the

Subject Line: (Job Title)_(Your complete name).

Include the 3 following attachments:

1. Current result screenshot from your working location []

2. Copy of your resume

3. Short (1 minute) video of yourself explaining why you are best fit for our company.

Technical Requirements:

• Must have reliable computer with minimum of 10Mbps internet connection

• Computer specification: i3 or greater, 8GB RAM or greater

The TES-Recruitment Team will reply within 48 hours upon receipt of your application.

Step 2:

Pre-Screening Interview

After the evaluation of your application, TES Recruitment Team will send a feedback on the status of your application.

If you have been selected for the pre-screening interview, TES Recruitment Team will schedule a Skype call to discuss your application. Please send your Skype account details before the interview date. The result will be emailed to you on the same day.

Step 3:

Final Interview

After you passed the pre-screening interview, you will be invited for a second interview.

The result of the final interview will be emailed to you on the same or following day.

Step 4:

Orientation and Training

Candidates who passed the final interview will be scheduled for orientation and training.